Actually when I was at Otakon I picked this up in the dealer room because I know one of the game vendors there and happened to remember to ask for it. My crazy Tetris addiction comes and goes occasionally, but I never actually owned a copy of Tetris DX which overall is basically my favorite version of Tetris.

What’s that you say? Isn’t Tetris all the same? Nope, there’re lots of flavors of Tetris out there and the company that owns the Tetris franchise is always looking for new ways to change the game around. The first version I had was the original pea-soup colored one for Gameboy which I played until the battery light was completely out and my game faded away. This version I think I could get up to around level 19 or so before it was too fast to be able to do anything.

Then later I played a friend’s copy of Tetris DX for the Gameboy color. This version I think is my favorite for a number of reasons. First is that it’s the first one that lets me stop and resume play later. Also there’s the vs mode which still can’t compare to playing an actual person but is still a simple fun version of Tetris that I enjoy. The key difference in this version of Tetris from others is how the pieces lock to the bottom.

In the original once the piece hits the bottom it’s pretty much sticking right away (especially in later levels). This made a definitive point when you just can’t keep up also because in order to move pieces to the left and right the fastest way was to mash the D-pad. In this version you can hold the D-pad and the piece will move quickly to the side. Like I said, the key difference is that when the piece goes to the bottom there’s a maybe half-second pause before it locks to the bottom. This lets you play when the pieces fall very quickly, yet it doesn’t make it so easy that it takes no skill.

Then there’s the cut off point for me starting with Tetris Worlds which allowed the player to let the piece stay unlocked to the bottom INDEFINITELY if they so chose. This leads to things like being able to rotate a piece from the right to the left of a large mountain of pieces which is just complete and utter b.s. This is the “broken” Tetris that I will now basically probably never play on principle. I like the Tetris DS for its multiplayer and ability to hold pieces but I don’t think it’ll be my favorite.

Only way Tetris DX could be even better without online multiplayer is if it had the original music. The new music in it is okay but the original will always be the definitive. Maybe someday Tetris will be so customizable that I’ll be able to take everything I like from each version and have my perfect Tetris game.

Wow that was long, can you tell I like Tetris?

Oh and one last thing, I looked at a game FAQ for Tetris DX because I had forgotten what one of the modes was and the guide had actual tips for playing Tetris. It was pretty ridiculous, stuff like “Use the T piece, It’s really effective at filling in gaps.” Also “Use the I piece to get Tetrises. NEVER put it vertically, unless it gets you points.”