This is without a doubt THE MOST AWKWARD subway ride I’ve EVER had. A dad was in the subway with his nine year-old daughter and her younger brother. They were standing/sitting opposite each other in the rather crowded subway car. I hit most of the highlights here, but she kept on going on and on about needing justice, rights and a proper role model (he apparently wasn’t fitting the bill). To try to appease her he said he’d take away her brother’s dessert to, but that only made things worse because then the girl said to her brother “he’s taking your dessert too, what do you think about that? We need justice!”

I don’t remember everything but she also said something like “since I’m having such a bad time today, can today not count?” The dad just kept on saying her name in a defeated/fed up sort of way and trying the “I’ve had enough” approach. It was reaaaaaaaaaaaally awkward. I can only imagine what it’s like when the mother is around. Possibly divorced? Or possibly just that the wife treats the husband like this too? I have no idea, but it was awkward, kind of disturbing and almost frightening to watch.