Went to see “Drag me to Hell” for Anna’s birthday. It’s been on our list since we first heard that it got very positive reviews and I think we got it on its last week or so (as of the writing of this post it’s only playing in two theaters in the city). I’ll post a full review of it soon, but sufficient to say it was indeed very good, scary and lots of fun. Thing is that scary movies if well done work on me pretty well, but no matter what Anna doesn’t flinch in the slightest during movies.

The good/fun thing about the movie is that Sam Raimi would often do the lead up to the scare and maybe the fake out and then the big scare. BUT he’d then continue for several more moments just hitting you over the head with it relentlessly and it worked! Lots of times in scary movies after the first initial scare you’re into the action and it’s not scary anymore, but every scene managed to take things further and still be scary and intense throughout. The movie also had some elements of humor and a few very Evil Dead-like moments without ever fully going for comedy.

Highly recommended (if when you’re reading this it’s still in theaters go see it!) I’ll probably do some more comics about the people who were in the audience at my screening…