Anyway, I’m really bad at word games in general, probably because I didn’t read a lot growing up and still don’t really read. I’m not so good at Scrabble or Boggle, my mind just doesn’t wrap itself around them well.

So after my first Facebook thrashing I was talking to some of my other friends and one mentioned the dictionary tab which has a well organized list of all the two letter words in the dictionary. Of course I slapped myself for not seeing it in the first place. I think I’m past the point where I click on every button and menu in a piece of software or something. This is where I discovered a wealth of two letter words that don’t seem like words at all.

I know that you can’t use abbreviations in Scrabble but apparently you can use shortened versions like “AB” for “abdominals” , or “AG” short for “agriculture.” Also apparently lots of interjections in the dictionary like: aw, ai, eh, hm, ho, lo, mm, oi, oy, sh, uh, um, and yo.

I did better in my second game (still currently a hundred points behind) but I just don’t like using the two letter word tactics, it just feels cheesy to me. Plus I have enough distractions at work as it is so I don’t think I’ll be doing much more of the Scrabble after this.