I don’t really use Facebook much so I’m way behind on the trends. I know Scrabble was the big thing because the first Scrabble wasn’t an official version and was canned by the game publisher and then a newer, crappier version came out. Anyway, I finally bit when a friend bugged me to play him in Scrabble because he’s addicted. After the first game he beat me by about 300 points, largely through good letters but also through extensive use of two letter words that would get spelled out in addition to his words.

I know it’s not cheating, but it just struck me like in a multiplayer video game when someone uses something that isn’t quite a game bug but it’s cheesy when you’re faced with it. I had never played Scrabble like this before and this whole strategy centered around two letter words kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Also the complete and utter defeat was humiliating unto itself.

More on this later.