Last night we went to see “Ip Man” which is part of the New York Asian Film Festival. I had been meaning to watch it for a long time but never got around to getting the DVD. The movie was very good and the fight choreography was excellent. I need to get the DVD so I can watch the fights slowly over and over again.

Anyway, the film stopped no less than FOUR TIMES. The people at the theater said something about the people who previously had the print not splicing it correctly or something. We ended up with about half an hour of downtime if you combined all the delays together. Fortunately it was never during a fight scene, but it was still very irritating.

Anyway, they gave each of us two complimentary passes which can’t be used for sold out shows. I think what they meant was that it had to be traded for a ticket and that you couldn’t just walk into a movie as if it were a ticket.