I got my hair cut yesterday, it didn’t end up being a ton shorter, but I thought it looked good. I’m always saying how I never know what to tell the person cutting my hair, but it usually ends up fine even if every single time it looks kind of different. There was really only one time where the first cut took a lot off, and I sort of though “Oh, ok. Uh, I guess I have to roll with it.” Because really what can they do after they’ve taken that much off in one section?

At one point the stylist asked me if the length of my hair in back was okay, I asked if it could be a little shorter. Turns out it wasn’t a real question because he had already gone as short as he could without it being a tapered back which isn’t what he was going for. Like I said, not much you can do. But it all worked out, I’ll probably just stick with this guy now since for so long I’ve just been having a random person at the same salon cut my hair, and it’ll be better to have one person. Plus this person didn’t ask me to pick a style from a magazine which I never know what to do with.