It’s true, one year after your license has expired, you have now legally forgotten how to drive. Living in New York you don’t think about needing a license really except for when you get carded for things. I put it off too long and now I have to start all over again T_T it’s totally my fault and I’ll never forget this again. Before I went to the DMV this morning, just in case I took the online quizzes to refresh my memory.

An hour and a half later or so I had passed the written test with flying colors. No really, I saw that I got 100%. Now I have a permit and a road test later and I’ll have my shiny New York license. A friend told me to take the test on Long Island because it’ll be one billion times easier, I’ll probably end up doing something like that because there’s no way I want to test in a crowded area.

When I took my road test 11 years ago all I had to do was drive out of a parking lot, turn left into traffic, turn right into a dead end street where I did a three point turn and then drove back to the parking lot. It all happened in an area smaller than a city block.