Usually I pay my credit card off way before due, but a while ago for some reason I wasn’t able to see charges on my account. I guess I sort of forgot about it until I received an automated phone call offering to help me pay it off. I was part way through when I hung up because I realized I could just pay it at the ATM if it wasn’t working online. Turns out I couldn’t via ATM either. So I called up, and after dealing with one person and their heavy Indian accent I got a guy who said that my card had been frozen, and that’s why I couldn’t pay or see it online.

He read off the last few charges all of which I knew I made. I think though that if there ever was suspicious activity on my card it’s long past so it’s almost moot that he asked me about the last four charges or so. It may have been because I used my card in Boston or Chicago when I was away during some anime conventions.