I have a very packed RSS reader with 30+ subscriptions in it. I’d say a dozen of which have lots and lots of updates during the course of a day. I use NetNewsWire for Mac OS X which has a feature that displays the number of unread articles in the dock whenever it refreshes. For the longest time it was set to refresh every half hour or so. Then I realized that it was destroying my already horrible attention span so I turned off the automatic refresh and the unread counter. Lo and behold I’ve gone entire work days without refreshing it! Not to say that I still don’t do it (and enjoy seeing the large counter of unread articles) but the temptation has been far lessened.

Despite my love of computers, all these little updated things really amount to internet junk food. Addictive and easy to swallow small bits. This is why I try to stay away from the more popular things like that now such as Facebook updates, twitter and such. I already find myself closing reddit links if the article is too long, instead enjoying the funny pictures more. I don’t want my brain to regress any more than it already has or any faster. Whether or not I’m doing a good job of that is debatable. Maybe ultimately I need a job where I don’t have a computer (yeah right). Only thing that makes me feel better is knowing kids growing up with all this technology are even worse off than me 😛