I finally saw the new Star Trek movie. I enjoyed it, but would’ve enjoyed it more if not for the older couple next to me. I could tell that the guy knew Star Trek because he was completing sentences at certain moments and would occasionally give a hint here and there. I think he was also explaining things to his wife during reference-y moments.

I was quiet up until during an emotional scene following a character’s death where they were sort of joking that the person who died was somehow at fault and they were stupid for letting it happen. I asked the man to please keep his voice down, after which thankfully he apologized. In fact, later on during the rest of the movie if he said anything I heard his wife telling him to be quiet.

Seriously though, this guy was ooo-ing, aahh-ing, grunting and everything during every instance of something being hit, shooting or MOVING practically. Even if this guy was a classic Trek fan I don’t think this would’ve happened during the other movies because they wouldn’t have been as interested in going.

I’m going to do a full review on my blog later.