If this is NYC’s way of welcoming me back then it needs to think of something new. This past weekend I was in Chicago for Anime Central. Last night we got home around midnight. The 2/3 and 1/9 station at 34th street is such that local and express trains are on different platforms. Most of the time the local and express switch tracks late at night so we were on the local track when a 3 train shows up on the other track. Like a rush of lemmings the people on the platform ran downstairs and back upstairs to find a 3 train announcing “This is the last stop on this train.” At that moment a 2 train showed up on the other platform and just as fast people ran back to the platform they were just at. We made it, but it was damn annoying.

It could’ve been worse though, it could’ve been a 4 or 5 train that then went to Bowling Green at which point we’d have to transfer to a Brooklyn-bound 2/3 train. I’ve been in that situation too many times and it’s the last thing I want after coming back to the city late at night when trains are infrequent at best.