I’m the person on both sides of this comic. Yesterday we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to enjoy the cherry blossoms that have bloomed. The Sakura Matsuri I’ve gone to a bunch of times, but since I’m not really there for the events per se then it’s better to just go when it’s calm and quiet. Also there’re fewer obnoxious people pulling down branches, shaking down the petals, and dressing for the occasion. Two things that don’t happen often enough: sitting on the ground and walking through cool grass barefoot.

As for the other things in this comic I understand the numerous excuses off a person running on a treadmill on a nice day I still think this when walking past a gym.

The one bit that applies to me is the guy buying the badminton rackets. The first really warm weekend this year my girlfriend and I went to Prospect Park to play some badminton, but neither of us owned rackets. We went to Target to get a cheapo racket set. The funny/weird thing is that the cashier was like “Oh-hoh, I guess you guys are going to play today huh?” We said yeah and didn’t even ask for a bag since we were going straight to the park. Weird thing was he then said something like “You sure that’s all you’re going to be using it for?” We knew what he was implying, but who would use badminton rackets for that??? We even googled it to see if anyone was into that, but came up empty. Anyway, the security guard on the way out also made some comment like “Oh, you guys heading for the park?”

Took us a while to be able to even hit the shuttlecock back and forth once, especially because it was windy. I think at our best we managed to hit it with 20 consecutive hits or so.