Went to the New York Aquarium yesterday which was a lot of fun. The sea lion show was very good, the Walruses we couldn’t really see very close up when they were being fed, but afterwards slept on the rock right in view which was cool. I think the sea otter was the cutest because he’d rub his little paws together and it looked like he was washing his head or something as he rubbed it. Penguins were cute too, though they weren’t in view at all until they were being fed. Also went to the very short Planet Earth: Shallow Seas 4D movie.

Basically it’s a short 3D movie (no more than ten minutes) and the chairs at certain points vibrate, shoot air from jets by your head and also bubbles fill the room at one point. Also underneath the chair is a weed-wacker-like plastic strand that spins around to give you the sensation of the creepy crawly things on screen at the time. It’s all a very silly gimmick that’s actually kind of distracting/nerve-wracking because you’re waiting for the next jet of air to happen instead of paying attention to the documentary.

The WEIRDEST thing though is this plastic peg that juts out at your back during a dolphin scene. Why? I have no idea, ’cause it’s supposed to simulate the dolphin poking you? I have no clue, but it was weird and only happened once.