Thanks to M.M. for this story. Yes, there’s at least one person out there (I’m guessing more unfortunately) who want to see the new Star Trek movie because they think the actor playing Kirk looks hot. I’ll see it, but the more I think about that movie the more it seems like a joke. Like, an SNL sketch where they have a fake trailer for “What if J.J. Abrams made Star Trek.” I know the intent is to make it more mainstream, but that’s precisely the point. Star Trek was never a mainstream thing.

The only saving grace I could imagine is that the movie under its mainstream Hollywood gloss is actually super nerdy to the point that the people who never watched Star Trek before come out feeling cheated. But I’m guessing that’s very wishful thinking.

Seriously, it looks like fan fiction if non-Star Trek fans wrote it. Except people who this is targeted towards probably don’t know what fan fiction is anyway. I guess it’s just continuing the trend of modern remakes that look like they should’ve just been a new franchise instead of calling it something it’s not really going to end up being.