I have some friends who have cable, but instead I’m going to wait until Saturday and download the HD version off of Xbox Live so we can watch it in HD and commercial free. I’ve already asked my BSG friends not to send any texts or anything that could possibly spoil it. Even “OMG SO AWESOME” type texts will have to wait. I plan on staying off the internet Saturday, I just hope no one in my kung fu class says anything. I think only one person there watches it so I should be fine. Just being outside of my apartment at all will make me feel paranoid because you never know what people outside will be talking about.

And I just realized that this is my six year anniversary!!! Nearly two thousand comics (granted many are photo comics from when I was doing those) and still going! I’m probably more amazed by that than any of you are. Each strip is still a struggle, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up. Maybe I should get myself something, at least some drinks are in order I’d say.