In college there was this b.s. easy credit course called “Computers Practices and Principles.” The only people who took it were people who knew nothing about computers or people who did know about computers and just wanted to fulfill some general education requirements. Even though I was part of the latter group I did learn a thing or two and one was doing basic calculations in Excel.

A while ago when I graduated college I got an excel sheet from my sister that her husband had made which took annual income and subtracted expenses so you got an idea of how much money you had left over after paying bills, money for food, entertainment etc. Well now that my girlfriend and I live together I thought I’d take my awesome Excel skills and make a new sheet which splits in half the expenses we’re sharing and calculates how much we owe each other at the end of the week. I also made a separate section for our strictly personal expenses.

At the bottom it shows how much was spent per item type “groceries, takeout, entertainment, apartment items) and also a grand tally of how much money we spent total each month. And yes, after I finished making it I got all excited when I had stuff to enter in so that I could see it make its calculations.