This past weekend I finally turned in my keys and have moved out of my old apartment of approximately six years. I still have to get my deposit back, but for all intents and purposes our new apartment is my new home for the foreseeable future. I ran into my building super when I was getting some of my last items and he told me I was the best tenant because I never had any problems. I can only remember a handful of situations where I asked him to fix anything, but mostly I felt that’s because I was lazy. I did mention that the middle windows probably needed adjusting (they’d slowly close after opening them).

In all honesty I did leave the apartment in good condition aside from the windows and probably grease on the windows in my kitchen. Besides, if the other units in the building are any indicator they’ll be renovating that apartment anyway. I saw a listing for a unit in the building and the rent was $250 higher than what I was paying!!! They’re all studios in a nice area of Park Slope, but even that I don’t think justifies what they’re trying to get. Maybe I’m just out of touch with studio prices since I’d lived there so long.

Anyway, new building, new super and a lot more space!! I type this in our living room which in itself is probably as big as my old apartment, nevermind the nicer kitchen, bathroom and bedroom also similar in size. Now I don’t have to feel like I live in a college dorm transitional apartment, and I couldn’t be happier.

Not to say the apartment isn’t going to be stuffed with plush dolls (no pun intended) but it’ll definitely be a more adult looking apartment.