My girlfriend and I went to see a couple apartments with this one guy who looked like a very old New York sort of guy. He kind of slurred his words and smelled like alcohol. He drove us around just fine, but he was definitely a weird sort of guy. It took him five or so tries before he got that my name was Derek. I kept on saying “Like Derek Jeter!” He kind of reminded me of my 5th grade math teacher, or at least his breath did. My 5th grade math teacher drank and smoked, but I didn’t know at the time that’s why his breath was so smelly/cold.

I didn’t like him because he kind of rushed us through this new building and its apartments, and was kind of irritated at me asking normal questions like “is there a building super, what utilities are included?” He was like “These questions can wait until later if you like the place.” All I could think was “But these are important things that help determine whether I like the place…”

We saw 11 or so apartments over the weekend. Looking at apartments is kind of fun, but I can’t wait until we have a place. I can leave behind my college-dorm transition apartment.