The first doctor’s office I went to see about my sprained thumb had a lot of paperwork to fill out (I imagine most doctors do), but the list of ailments or medical history was crazy long. I didn’t mark down a single one, because I don’t really have any regular ailments even headaches. It just seemed weird to do that, it felt like I just took a true/false quiz and answered all one answer so that I’d get 50% of them correct. I kind of felt like a relief to fill in something in the allergy section (Amoxicillin), but other than that I didn’t have anything bad to put in.

That doctor ended up giving me a better brace that also went around my wrist, but he referred me to a hand specialist he knew who I went to yesterday. There they gave me this cool custom molded plastic splint for my thumb. They actually cut out a small rectangular piece of plastic, softened it in a machine and shaped it around my hand, then affixed velcro spots on it so that it could be strapped to my hand. Pretty awesome. Basically though the doctor said I should try moving my thumb around more to get its motion back, and that the ligament I sprained heals very slowly. Now that I’ve gotten the official analysis I feel free to use it more which is a relief.

Still, I have to re-teach myself to use my right thumb for my spacebar thumb, because even though I’m use to it now with my left thumb, it doesn’t feel natural.