My long dead Livejournal has just about turned to dust so I decided to create a totally new blog talking about my hobbies. Specifically I’m going to use it to talk about restaurants and shops in New York, movies (with a focus on kung fu movies), movie trailers, anime and video games. These just about cover the things that dominate my life in and outside of work. Only thing I’m not going to talk about is Apple Computer stuff because I know how annoying it is to hear Apple fans gush about Apple products, and it just wouldn’t be that interesting.

Yesterday while I should’ve been doing my comic I was messing around with the WordPress themes, widgets until past midnight. Then I realized I should just do a comic about making the blog since that would also be a good way to tell people about it. Also in my navbar I replaced my even-deader-than-my-livejournal forum button with a blog button! Most of the time was spent finding one with a color scheme I liked, but then I realized for easy reference I wanted the “categories” page to have a list of posts without the content so in the end I chose utility over beauty.

The blog will be separate from my comic so there will be virtually no crossover. The only things that will cross over will probably be stuff about restaurants and food in New York. I have an introductory post and my first restaurant review for Minca Ramen Factory. Please check it out, I hope it will be interesting to people other than just my immediate family.