Last night I went to The Onion’s election party which had comedy routines and CNN on the TVs in the bar. I didn’t watch the comedy routines, and instead stayed in the bar with friends watching the results of the election as they came out. Whooping and cheering whenever Barack Obama won a state and booing whenever John McCain won a state. I didn’t think that there’d be a winner by the time I left the bar, but I stayed until after midnight screaming my lungs out after the west coast polls closed and Obama had officially became the president-elect.

I took pictures and hugged all my friends nearby, all the way almost never believing what was happening was actually happening. On the way home I heard the hooping and hollering of people on the street for this truly historic moment. This is a moment in time that I will never forget, and will be proud to tell future generations to.

If I sound a bit incoherent right now it’s because of all the celebrating I did at said bar, and now I sit at home still scarcely believing that what is happening now is actually happening.