You never know…

A while ago I got some plastic bags to use for my recycling. They were way too big to the point that there’s no way I’d be able to bring it downstairs if it were full, especially if it had glass bottles in it. So usually I had to stop filling it, get another bag and divide the two before bringing it downstairs. So I finally ran out and went to the store to get some smaller bags. I was almost positive that some time ago I had clear bags which weren’t as small as my kitchen wastebasket bag yet not as ginormous as these bags. Well if I did they’re gone now, because it’s just 13 or 30 gallon bags (49L and 113.5L respectively).

Right now I’m choosing to believe that there’s some story about these two sizes that became standard way back when and there’s some interesting story about how they can’t be any bigger or smaller than that.