This strip has been long in coming since I probably saw my first Dr. Z ad the first day I came to New York oh so long ago. Anyone and everyone who lives in New York and takes the subway knows who Dr. Z is. He’s the dermatologist with the really horribly designed ads on the subway with the big garish rainbow.

The thing that’s always bugged me was the before and after photos. Of course in anything before and after photos are ridiculous for a number of reasons (like makeup, bigger smile, better hair etc). But from the looks of it the before picture here is an improperly white balanced photo taken in tungsten light (you can tell because the background is all red/brownish too) but what they did was made the shirt white so it seems like it’s her skin. Funny thing though is that the after photo kind of also has unflattering lighting in it but whatever.

To see a Dr. Z ad here’s a photo on Flickr. And also I found this YouTube video of Dr. Z himself who isn’t as young as he is in his subway ad…