I went to Shabu-Tatsu in the East Village when I got this particular beer. The three options on the menu were regular, large and a pitcher. The prices were $5, $10 and $18 for 16oz, 32oz and the pitcher. I don’t remember how many ounces were in the pitcher but it couldn’t have been far off. Later when I got home I realized a regular sized beer is only 12 ounces so what I had was nearly three beers. Yes, knowing measurements is a good thing. No one else at the restaurant had a large.

Incidentally the shabu shabu was DELICIOUS. I’ve had hotpot several times before as a kid where my mom would prepare beef, pork, salmon, shrimp and an assortment of vegetables. This though the slices are sooo thin that they cook really fast. I liked the nutty dipping sauce the best. I couldn’t believe I ate so much when I was finished, but it was just so delicious. Had green tea ice cream and shared some red bean ice cream, was great even if I couldn’t move afterwards from fullness.