The manga I’m talking about is Iron Wok Jan which is a manga all about Chinese cooking. I like all sorts of food manga and anime, and this is the only one right now that’s in English which has enough cooking to keep me interested. The only thing I don’t like about the manga is the almost completely unsympathetic annoying protagonist and the GIGANTIC BOOBS the two female lead characters have. It’s seriously grotesquely unsexy, and at times I just use my thumb to cover them up.

I picked up for volumes at Otakon for $5 each so I’m tearing through those volumes right now. I was reading Volume 12 on the way to work and the latter part of it was a battle using liver. Specifically, the antagonist was an annoying rich boy using super luxurious foie gras from France. I’ve had foie gras one time in my life so I remember basically what it tastes like.

So there I am sitting on the subway imagining this deliciously melty food in my mouth and then I go to the deli to get a toasted raisin bagel with cream cheese. I ate my usual amount but damn if it wasn’t unsatisfying. It’s just like with Iron Chef, the ideal time to watch/read is when you’re eating. Preferably really good food, but I don’t read manga during dinner so that doesn’t happen anymore (my family used to watch Iron Chef religiously during dinnertime).