I’m thinking specifically if the old Chinese guy at Union Square playing what looks like an electric saxophone. I feel like whenever I see him he’s playing “The Godfather” theme. I know it’s a popular song in general so a lot of street performers play it, but do I always happen to be passing by when he’s playing it? How many times a day does he play it?

This comic is also a reference to the Joshua Bell Experiment. If you’re not familiar an experiment was done in Washington D.C. where they took Joshua Bell, who is one of the very top violinists in the entire WORLD and had him perform in the subway in Washington D.C. They wanted to see if people would recognize remarkable talent then stop and listen. Essentially he played for about 45 minutes and of the 1097 people who passed by only one person recognized him. Very few stopped to listen at all. He made about $32.