I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked it and had a lot of fun with just some quibbles here and there. The thing I was saying to my friends is that watching this movie of course I had the excitement of seeing a new Indiana Jones movie just as when I saw the first Star Wars prequel. The difference being that when I left the theater I didn’t feel betrayed in the movie experience. It was fun like the other Indiana Jones movies, well paced, good set pieces and just good fun.

The technical sides took me out on a number of occasions though. I read about how they really wanted to match the cinematography of the first movies and for the most part they succeeded. The problem was when the CG really stood out. That was pretty much whenever they used it because the rest of the movie is more realistic looking. So when you have aforementioned CG groundhogs (in just a small throwaway joke) and other CG creatures it looks awful.

The other far more common thing was the CG backgrounds and set extensions. Those really took me out because the lighting didn’t match and just looked very artificial. As much as I enjoyed the movie I don’t feel like I’ll be revisiting it like I will the original. It’s kind of like how now I like watching old kung fu movies because I know everything is real without wires that are then painted out. In this day and age it’s just too expensive to make movies the way they did before so it’s a shame that there’s really no feasible way to completely recreate the feel of the previous films.