And the week after Mother’s Day I present a series of comics where she’s the chief antagonist (Sorry Mama, but I had to)

My mom skyped me yesterday for help downloading her photos from her digital camera. Last I saw her I taught her how to use the camera’s most basic functions which she took notes for and seemed to understand. Having her get a Mac was one of the things I wanted her to do for the longest time. I know PCs aren’t sooooo complicated, but sometimes reducing a set of instructions from five steps to two can mean a world of difference. Eventually she learned to download them and email the photos.

Only thing is right now there’s no easy way for her to reduce the size of the photos which means right now they’re all almost 2MB. iPhoto has a built in function to resize photos for email, but it requires using Apple’s Mail application. My mom uses Gmail so that’s not an option. Perhaps I’ll investigate drag and drop apps for reducing size of photos.