Yahoo! Answers seems like a site that I would have a morbid fascination with the same way when I was in high school that I had a morbid fascination with reading random people’s AOL and AIM profiles. The only thing is that if I look at the site for five or ten minutes I almost become physically ill with the types of questions I see. This all started when I saw the post a guy wrote asking if his pregnant girlfriend’s baby was drinking the menstrual blood that had ceased ever since the beginning of the pregnancy.

I took another look at Yahoo! Answers yesterday and was completely aghast upon seeing all the above questions which are indeed real questions. The site seems to be flooded with things like that because it looks like 99% of the people on the site are adolescent teenagers. I suppose it makes sense that kids that age would go to the internet to seek advice since they’re too embarrassed to ask adults and people around them, but how do they not know that they’re leaving themselves open to horrible ridicule, humiliation and cruel answers because of anonymous trolls?

Do they not realize that the majority of people answering are other people the same age as them? I don’t think I’d want advice from another thirteen year old if I was having these sorts of personal issues. Lots of answers to the “am I pretty?” sorts of questions say stuff like “You’re kind of a 5 or maybe a 6.” I don’t have kids, but I would definitely monitor and/or warn them about communicating with people via the internet.

Also I’d make sure they can spell like an intelligent person.