Yesterday I just missed the subway in the morning, but wasn’t worried because I usually catch the train that was coming in seven or so minutes. About twenty seven minutes passed by and that’s when people went to the guy at the booth. He said there were no trains on that side. The full platform of people groaned and I had to take a bus to another stop and ended up being more than half an hour late. This time the deli really had switched to lunch mode and put the bagels away (though I was still able to get mine).

What I wondered was when the guy in the booth found out there were no trains anymore because they were running express past. Also if he had known is there even a big loudspeaker in the subway the guy in the booth uses? I was under the impression it was some big control center place where all the announcements were made from, and that the guy in the booth’s PA system wasn’t that strong past the immediate vicinity.