On an episode of “This American Life” they were talking about soda marketing and how people would get assignments to create ads to target demographics like the young Muslim youth. It makes me laugh to think that there must be people doing this exact same thing for Jesus. This is how things like this 100% real pamphlet must have been created.

I saw it because it was left on a seat so I decided to read it out of morbid curiosity. The introduction was talking about basic Jesus history and then it got into a section basically trying to show how “cool” Jesus is and giving examples. The first is the one in this comic. It went on to say:

“In the world of fashion, Jesus appears on numerous T-shirts, including the popular ‘Jesus is my homeboy’ shirt, worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Pamela Anderson. Roughly one hundre films have been made about Jesus, including top-grossing movies like The Passion of the Christ and The Da Vinci Code.”

I guess when it comes to their argument, context doesn’t matter? Just that Jesus is popular enough to be in so many forms of media?

The last part I found really funny said “Throughout the history of the world, there is a surprisingly short list of people who have actually claimed to be God. For example, such religious leaders as Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, and Gandhi did not claim to be God…Jesus’ claim to be God in a human body has never been made by the founder of any other world religion, which means that Jesus is without peer among religious leaders.”

The pamphlet’s argument is that because lying would go against the Ten Commandments, Jesus must have been telling the truth. There are also graphics of bobble-head Jesus, and action figure Jesus (sadly no Buddy Christ picture).