I went to a Chinese restaurant around my apartment which I had never been to (despite living here for four years). I think it’s because I went to another local Chinese restaurant and decided it wasn’t worth it to try the rest, plus there never seems to be many people inside the restaurant. But my girlfriend and I were looking for a place to eat so we decided to just give it a chance. I found out that despite having very few people in there, their phones are constantly ringing. Yes I do mean phones, there were no less than four phones visible on their wall.

The food was about what I expected, I got a bit of a headache and stomachache afterwords which told me the food was indeed greasier than normal. I wouldn’t say as bad as that first Chinese place I went to, but I won’t be knocking their doors down to get some food.

Anyway, this is the fortune my girlfriend got in her cookie. Admittedly in this day and age of cookies being more sayings or advice it is a real “fortune,” but a touch on the mundane side, no?