Delis are all about convenience and speed. This is why one cashier at a deli can go faster than four cashiers at a supermarket. One thing that helps speed them up is they know the price of everything and sometimes if there’s a few cents leftover in the price they just round down to a whole number. My deli recently got a new person to help out at the register sometimes, but I know that for the time being she’s going to charge me tax on top of the usual $4.

I don’t mind because it only happens very occasionally so I consider it a tip to them. She’ll have to learn though. It just kind of hurts because they already raised the price of the bagel with cream cheese by $0.20. There’s one new guy a level lower from the head cashier and I can tell he’s learning because he opens his paper bags like the head guy with a flick of his wrist. Though he gives me more napkins.