I was in the store “Toy Tokyo” which is a store full of nerdy figures, toys, plushes both American, Japanese and just about any sort of nerdy show you can think of they probably have some kind of toy for it there. There was this woman in the store who clearly had been in and out for a while and picking and prodding stuff asking all sorts of questions. She was this one type of person that you see a lot at conventions. Basically they have really poor social skills and never talk “to” a person they always sound more like they’re talking “at” the person. Because of this they’re really really annoying.

The exchange she had with the clerk was pretty much this verbatim. You could tell the guy was frustrated and just trying to be diplomatic despite his desire to throw her out the 2nd floor window. Everyone in the store could hear the exchange and I’m sure were feeling equally sympathetic to hiim having to deal with this person.