I went to see “The Golden Compass” last week. It was playing in the smallest theater in the AMC Empire 42nd street theater (same theater Shaolin Soccer was playing in on OPENING WEEKEND). This is verbatim what happened minus the wiseass remark in the last panel. The guy actually said that the seat was taken by his coat. After a seemingly long silence of misunderstanding the woman in his group sitting two seats over said he could put the coat next to her.

Incidentally, the movie really kind of sucked. Not very cohesive, not dramatic, moved too quickly from set piece to set piece and was just very flat. The flat out most amusing moment was after the polar bear fight where no less than four people in the theater went “DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN!!!” It was like the reaction to someone getting a severe beating in a kung fu movie, except it was CG polar bears (or ice bears if you prefer). That was pretty hilarious. But yeah, Golden Compass really not good, I’m sure it’s even worse if you’ve read the books.