So I went to IKEA for the first time ever today and all of a sudden I completely understand the entire IKEA phenomenon. I have no grasp for how expensive furniture is, but when we got to to the kitchenware, glassware and the like I understood the prices people had been talking about. It was like an adult playground where you get to play with everything and sit on all the chairs and imagine if you could afford to have certain things in your house.

Then there was the cafeteria which seemed like an absurd thing to have, but the place is so big it makes sense. Plus it’s smart because it keeps the customers in the store. Food wasn’t that great, but it served its purpose.

The first thing that made me feel like a kid again was this display they had at IKEA. I didn’t actually watch the video so I have no idea what the hell this machine is doing to the chair. I wanted to believe that it was a chair softening machine, but I’m guessing it’s something less cool than that.