The guy in this comic is one of the weirder guys on the street for a number of reasons. I wish I could remember exactly what he looks like, but all I remember is a hat, large overalls and usually what looks like very old, creased papers that he’s holding. I’m a little scared of him because A) He’s crazy B) he gets angry and aggressive when you turn him down and C) he seems to have difficulty with his seemingly uncontrollable volume level.

First time I saw him was at the McDonalds across from NYU around Waverly Pl. He comes into the restaurant, puts his hands on his hips and yells something really loud that I don’t remember because you can’t make up the stuff these crazy guys say. Next time was waiting in line at the IFC Film Center where he was handing out his papers and asking for money. I should’ve taken one just to see what’s on it. The most recent time was at the AMC Empire on 42nd street. That’s where he gave the two different stories to two people literally sitting next to each other. The woman next to me is the one who gave him a quarter.