I wish I could take credit for that punchline, but I swiped it from the Michael Keaton movie “Johnny Dangerously.” I used to work with people who would quote that movie relentlessly. I believe the original line was something like “My grandmother kit me once. Once.” The other one being “It’s an .88 magnum, it shoots through schools…” So far as I know a “Mr. Wok n’ Roll” doesn’t exist, but it’s precisely the type of restaurant name that makes me walk in the other direction.

EDIT: Turns out there is no “Mr. Wok n’ Roll” There is however a chain called “Wok n’ Roll” which I can’t remember ever seeing. But a quick Google search reveals an entire list of really cheesy sounding Chinese restaurants. My favorites are: “Wok of flame” , “Wok on Fire” and “Wok on the Wild Side.” Remind me to never go to any of these places.