Apologies about no comic yesterday, it was a very late night for me and I basically crashed once my body made contact with the bed.

I’m a big sound geek. I’ve loved sound effects and stuff all the time. I remember one time my sister decided to see how fast I could guess a movie based off of the sounds. The movie hadn’t even started and I knew that it was Terminator 2 because of the Carolco logo. Working in sound classes and advertising has only given me more sounds to identify as being used over and over and over again. When I first started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer I was driven up the wall by their usage of the wood door opening sound. Recently I was watching Veronica Mars which is the one guilty of the computer sounds, and also has the most obvious ADR I’ve ever heard on a TV show. They do get props for using Google like it’s actually used. Not like when Sarah Michelle Gellar in “The Grudge” does something like type “death” into Google to find a story about a family being caught in a burning house in Japan.