Yep, the iPod touch is now out, and yes I want it bad. I fully admit to watching all of Steve Jobs’s keynote speeches, but I try my hardest to not become a Mac zombie who believes the man can do no wrong. But dammit sometimes that drool just comes out without me noticing! Yeah 16GB is pretty paltry considering I want to use this thing to watch video with, but my entire music collection is only 13GB and half of that is podcasts which I’m mostly not going to re-listen to nor do I need them on my iPod all the time. Plus I don’t usually listen to my entire iPod which means I’m listening to even less music.

Yes, I’d love for it to have at least the 30GB that my current old 3rd generation iPod, but dammit I’ve been waiting for this one ever since they announced the first video iPod. The big question now is do I get the free engraving and if so what do I put on it? Yes, I AM a consumer whore.