There’s a lot of brownstone refacing going on right now because the weather is warm. I can’t help but notice that there’s no access to the staircase when they’re working on it. Of course there wouldn’t be during the day when they’re putting the stuff on, but at night it’s still blocked off. I was trying to think of what the hell the residents do because most if not all brownstones aren’t connected to the basement part so there’s no apparent way in. I did some Googling but the only thing I could find was a page about apartment insurance. The page said that part of the insurance was for when the place was being restored (hotel and restaurant costs) but that’s probably an individual room sort of thing.

Anyone out there know?

EDIT: Thanks to people who responded, I got a couple explanations. One person said that there’s plywood that they leave behind for the residents to put across the stairs so that they can get over. The other said getting through the basement apartment is possible in some buildings. So those are two explanations, still something kind of unsatisfying about thetm.