I’ve been using my RSS reader (NetNewsWire) for years now, and I can’t imagine using the internet without it. I have almost fifty sites listed on it of which I’d say a fifth update regularly during the day. I can’t imagine the constant revisiting of the sites during the day to check for new news. Yet I still question how much time it saves me because it’s almost impossible to resist the allure of the small little red number that appears in my dock indicating there are new unread articles. I read reddit.com a lot which is basically internet junk food comprised of amusing pictures, small political tidbits, cuteness, craziness, and all other sorts of short digestible links you find on the internet.

It’s funny to think back the history of my web browsing experience. Started with Netscape 1, and all those non-tabbed browsing pages which required me to sometimes open six windows or more at once so that I could read one while the other loaded. First potential breakthrough was page “subscriptions” in Internet Explorer 3 or 4 (that feature suuuuuucked), then later on tabbed browsing let me open multiple links with just a click or two. And now I have an RSS reader with built in web browser which has the ability to sync read/unread articles across multiple computers. To think that there are people out there who probably still don’t know about tabbed browsing blows my mind.