This always happens to me because when I can’t think of a comic I’ll lie on my bed and very nearly fall asleep every single time, of course then when I’m actually getting into bed it takes much longer. I read a factoid claiming most people fall asleep in seven minutes. I wish I could be one of those people. I’m not sure how long it takes but I know it’s longer than seven minutes. I go to sleep with a half hour playlist of songs going and an audible volume, but not so loud I can really listen to it. That way in my struggle to listen I kind of drift off. I know I’m feeling restless when I’m still awake after the playlist finishes.

One of the only things that stayed with me from “Saving Private Ryan” was Giovanni Ribisi’s character talking about when he was a kid trying to purposefully stay awake because he knew that he’d always fail and end up getting to sleep faster. Sometimes that works for me, other times I end up in bed with my eyes open for long periods of time.