Whenever I hear about people spending all day at work on Myspace it just completely perplexes me. I’ve seen people spend a lot of time on Myspace, and in a recent episode of “This American Life” they were talking about a withdrawn sort of high school kid who when he was at home by himself he would pass time on Myspace and Facebook.

To me, going to Myspace is pretty much sheer pain. Pain of looking at this horribly designed website, and of clicking on profiles which make the design 1000X worse with their pictures, embedded videos, embedded music which is impossible to find because their layout moves everything into weird places because all the pictures are different sizes.

I understand spending time on Facebook more because it has little apps where you can do stuff like write reviews of movies and stuff. But will someone explain to me how/why someone would spend hours and hours on Myspace? How is it that their experiences aren’t as painful as mine? People should not be left to their own devices when it comes to website design. I think the mean quality of the internet went down dramatically when Myspace users were allowed to customize their pages and make big obnoxious sparkly text to post in comments.