I’m sure most people in New York had their own commuting horror story yesterday due to the weather. I woke up somewhere between 5:00 am and 6:00 am because of the crazy loud thunder. I was pretty groggy, but I remember thinking it was cool because I like thunder and it’s been a while since we had any. Also the lightning was going crazy flashing in my eyes every few seconds. A friend of mine whose apartment has a view of the World’s Fair globe in Queens said the rain was pouring so hard he couldn’t see the globe.

Anyway, I get to the subway station and I see at least six people on their cell phones, and another woman quickly hailing a cab (I’m sure she had a wonderful time stuck in traffic). Last time this happened the other nearby subway station was all right, so I walked over. Turns out not only were there at least two to three times as many people outside this station on their cell phones, but they had already taped off the station. I called a work friend who lives in Brooklyn to see what they were doing.

I then decided to go back home and read announcements, but luckily passed a couple saying the R train was still running. So I ended up walking to that station, and once I got there it was pretty normal except for the tremendous amount of water on the tracks. Plus the humidity was INSANELY GROSS. There was a guy who looked like he was caught in the rain, but just had just soaked his white shirt in sweat, eeeeeeeewwwwww. So I got to work maybe an hour late. Don’t want to sound ignorant here, but listen up MTA. This happens EVERY TIME there’s a major rainstorm, what’s the deal yo?