Went out for a friend’s birthday yesterday. When I got home I drew a very rough version of the character smiling like a madman. Clearly I was still thinking well enough that I realized I should just go to bed and either skip today’s comic or do it in the morning. It’s been my experience most people go out on Thursday nights instead of Friday. One reason I know if is because the locals want to avoid all the people who come into the city on Friday night to party. Plus a lot of people at the end of the work week just want to leave early and go home. I don’t know if necessarily that’s why I end up going out on Thursday nights, but the fact of the matter it still happens on a rather consistent basis.

Oh and why did I choose zapping the PRAM? No particular reason, maybe because it’s the one startup key combination that requires the most buttons pushed down at once. I remember when my hands were finally big enough I could do it with one instead of two. (incidentally it’s P, R, option and Apple, waiting for the startup chime three times)