I had an interestingly bookended day today. In the morning some guy dropped his A.M. newspaper right next to me before getting off the subway. I should’ve said something but instead I took it and threw it out when I got off the train. Then getting onto the subway at the end of the day someone had left the same newspaper on a seat, which I removed so I could sit down and then threw it out when I got off the subway.

I just hate people who do this sort of thing. Really I can’t imagine them thinking anything other than “Someone will come by to pick this up so I don’t have to.” Nothing else would make any sense. I can’t seriously imagine them thinking “Oh, maybe someone else wants to read this” because that would indicate they had some sort of consideration for others which clearly they don’t if they throw their garbage onto the subway seats. Right after I threw it out in the morning I was looking over at the Metrocard testing machine thing and saw no less than three cups of coffee resting on it. Come on, it’s one life’s most basic lessons, wipe your own ass.