I was telling this story to one of my best friends about how another friend’s girlfriend was giving me tips on how to beat a particular section of Resident Evil 4 which I’m currently working on. I had known previously that the girlfriend played games, but I wasn’t sure just how hardcore they were. This little interaction was enough for me to get excited and squee on the inside. My best friend found it amusing the different things that get us excited over girls.

Thing is that since I’m a nerd that means virtually all the girls I know or hang out with at parties are girls who play video games. Problem is that the vast majority of them aren’t single so the point is almost moot. Not to say that I’m looking for someone who does nothing but play World of Warcraft, but due to the nature of my hobbies a person interested in one of them is usually a sign that they’re interested in at least a couple of the other ones. Like, a girl interested in video games might also like cartoons, anime and comics or vice versa.