This is basically a public service announcement sort of comic. I know I talked about this before on my Livejournal, but for some reason I didn’t make a comic for it. This is a common street scam in New York (and in urban areas in general) where someone will purposefully bump into you and drop something either a pair of glasses or a bottle of something in a bag. Then they’ll ask that you compensate them. There’s a very good post on Gothamist where people left comments about all the sorts of scams they’ve run into in New York. Worth the read if you’re curious.

The first time this happened to me a while ago there was a plainclothes cop nearby and ended up taking us both to a subway station where they asked me if he explicitly asked for money in which case they could get him for trying to scam me. He didn’t so they let him go. Before this I hadn’t heard of this particular scam before so I got lucky.

The second time was just recently as I was walking away from work. A guy heading towards me deliberate brushed me, I looked back and he was looking down at some glasses. I was walking so fast it didn’t even register on me that it was happening again until I had already turned around in the other direction. I checked my bag pocket, nothing was taken so I kept going. He didn’t try to follow me.

The response someone posted on that Gothamist page was “Oh I have insurance for my glasses, all we have to do is file a police report.” The other sort of response that gets rid of them is usually saying something in the order of “Haven’t you already tried this on me?” or finishing their sob story for them before they get the chance to. The funniest was for the person trying to get money for their mother’s burial “They must be awfuly ripe if you haven’t buried them yet.”